Wednesday, March 18, 2009

grin of happy tears

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

only Allah knows...

Well, it's been quite a long period I didn't step into this blogging window. But tonight, it's just like I am being called by the natural urge as a normal human being to drop a few words in here...

My last trip back home really gave me a great impact, which I believe a greater impact on one of my beloved best friends, Suhai, whom I knew since the year of 1997 when both of us and the rest entered IIUM Matriculation Centre.

Last Sunday, 22nd of February 2009, around 6.15am in the morning, the clouds of solemness clouding the bright Sunshine of his family and closest friends. The lost of someone who is really precious is deeply felt by everyone. The very warm-hearted lady who always welcome me whenever I stopped by at Suhai's place or even wherever bummed into her, has left us behind forever and rested in peace, InsyaAllah. The lady that I meant is Allahyarhamah Aunty Halimah.

My dear friend Suhai, I hope that you could get over the sadness and take it as part and parcel of life. A humble condolence on the demise of your one and only beloved mother. Let's pray together for His blessings upon her...Al-Fatihah

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

where is everyone?

today, keje aku dok sms n call org2 yg terdapat dlm phonebook aku n yg aku terlintas nak call n sms!

Elin: my best friend since our basic training for MAS cabin crew is waiting for her hubby to come back from a trip. texted her n she replied. miss u guys lin!

yus: so called like my lil bro, bz with his agenda but he called me this late evening n he came over to my place with faiz. they said dat i'm getting skinnier! ahaks! thanx guys!

doel: is my cousin but we're really close since kids n like my own brother. he always bz one but we had kinda satay n burger dinner tonight. he's asleep n i cud hear he's snorring in his room! gosh!

mama: my lovely mummy! she called my 3 times today...i dunno lah my mum, she always got something to tell me bout things going on. very the up-to-date info lah mama tok...

kak p-jot: my only sis in my siblings. she called me becoz to remind me bout her seluar dat i bought in delhi, which only costs me 100 rupee = RM 10! sebok je kan die ingatlah! i'll be night-stopping in miri (MYY) this coming 23rd.

daddy: he called me exactly 5mins after my mum called. he told me a good news where i got a "reward" from something that i've invested. kinda cool huh! alhamdulillah. he even told me dat he might be coming over to see my new rental house.

azfar: my friend dat i owes call as "gedik". i dunno why, but i just like to call him dat. i texted n called him, but no sign of receiving any signal from me. so maybe "something" is on, i guess. ahaks! well, another 10 more days he'll be off to johore for his uitm. all da best far!

waty girl: my girl ever since primary 2, called her on my way home from klia. discussed bout da wedding she attended yesterday n asked her bout her baby iman. she's ok i think. we laughed over few matters that i shouldn't share in here. sorry....

rias: new friend of mine who's still under training to become part of cabin crew member. he's kinda worried bcoz they gonna have a safety exam! kacang je tu!

tah hape2 tah

it's 25mins past 2 a.m. n i still couldn't shut my eyes for da day...entahlah, banyak sangat bende aku nak pikir. Sometimes i'm thinking of something which is so irrelevant but i do believe that kekadang bende2 ni penting gak..mmm...

pagi tadi aku bangkit pada jam 4a.m coz aku kene buat flight to Surabaya, syukur alhamdulillah da flight was great, both sectors were light-load, so senang skit keje. Furthermore, my leading steward pun sempoi n crew members ok lah...

balik je rumah kat shah alam, i went out with someone to collect my check from prudential, had our early dinner, pay my friend, etc etc... I've tried to call few friends but no answer, neither reply on messages for them. tapi takpelah, maybe dieorg bz kot. entah tetibe ade gak terase nun jauh kat sudut hati aku mengatekan yg dieorg ni taknak kawan dgn aku lagi kot, tah hape2 tah ek.

thank god i still have my beloved cousin, doel temankan me at home n asked a favour from his friend to 'tapau' us satay n burger. sedap gak ah n mengenyangkan. then yus n faiz cam-over to our place, as usual, yus the loud speaker of shah alam region!

well, at this moment, as usual at this hour, i stuck my backside on this chair to layan perasaan of loneliness sometimes. browsing the internet, emails, blogs, chatting, n more....

yawning ywaning n yawning, so i guess, i better go now dudes! cheers!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful for being Malaysian #1

It's been a while since I left this so-called the "in thing", the blogging group, since my "coming back" crew daily routine is damn tight and hectic. My 1st flight was Delhi flight, after 8 months the wings were tied unmerciful on my back, and now the wings are spreading back to cruise joyfully in the free sky.

Delhi, as all of you know, which is situated in one part of the Indian continent and it is one of MH destinations. The trip was the longest Delhi trip I've ever experienced since I joined the airline. Was called-up for the flight, unprepared but yet I managed to get through the 5-hour walking to Delhi..

The only place of hope for us (those crew who doesn't like to bring food from home) to survive in this kind of place where VEGETARIAN meals are daily consumed due to religious matter. The vege restaurant...

While waiting for my order, just a simple snap from me to you...fasting in Delhi...

This thing really impressed me because it's so convenient for the customers. That's my number!

Yeah I know, easier for the crew to wash the dishes! Ahaks! So sorry, I forgot to snap the pic of the food before it's being half-eaten...well, I had that Chowmien (fried noodles) + masala paneer and my colleague had a vege pizza. This totally 'vege' moment really reminds me of mummy's Ayam masak kicap. Without any funny thought in my head, the vege food are finger lickin' good!

I do believe that walking 100 steps after meal could burn the calories faster, that is what a philosophical friend of mine, Boiem, told me. As my colleague and I were enjoying the night stroll along the Delhi street, we stopped at few "instant" booths owned by the locals to earn their living. One of them is this magazines booth. The magazines are really cheap, far cheaper than home! FHM is only INR.50 = RM5!

Next to the mags corner is this fried mashed potatoes stall, or known as begedil in Malaysia...looks yummy huh, but we dare not to try coz, you know I knowlah kan! ahaks!

Sharp at 9.30pm India time, we went back to our rooms and ZzzZZzZzzz...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

i'm 29

Sharp at 12 midnight last night, my phone couldn't resist from buzzing and screaming "Totally Spice incoming message from Jerry" tone. Friends and relatives SMSing me and wishing me "Happy 29Th Birthday!" Thanks a lot people!!!

Yeah, today is my birthday. I'm 29-year-old, and it's the final year for me, being in the group of 20's! Isn't it scary to know that?! Gosh...the time is moving so fast and yet I couldn't see how my future intake is going to be... Well yeah, sometimes what we've planned yesterday wouldn't come out in the frame of reality for us to see and for us to admire the serenity of it. Mmm...don;t worry, my plans yet to be personified. I know what I'm doing...

Still green in my cage of reminiscence when I blew candles on the sweet and irresistible cake that my mum baked for me when I was a very fleshy young boy, once upon a time ago. Cousins and friends came over to my crib without empty-handed, with presents of course. Not to forget, everyone who came will get a goodies bag; candies, chocolates, tiny-winy toys and such. It was awesome!

Gathered around the table where I was the captain of that event, holding a cake knife, waiting to blow the candles right after the birthday song sung by the crowd. Those days huh!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

it's raining

it's raining. i'm hungry but i could stand it. i'm thirsty and i could hold it too. i'm sleepy, i don't think i could bear with it!
the rain started to pour when i was in the NOREEN's safety class, right before our 737 safety exam. it was really cold, i mean the classroom. actually we decided to do the 737 door drill, but the other group went there earlier, so we couldn't use the place. we switched our programme to video session. we ended the class quite early.
now, i'm sitting here in front of my laptop typing this crap of blog while waiting for the rain to surrender itself from showering shah alam, or maybe somewhere else too. tonight i have to meet someone, as i have promised that person. nothing much to be worried for tomorrow because we'll only have the 737 location, slides drill and wet drill (swimming with uniform) before we could get our LICENCE to fly!